What problem does Galileo solve?

Data Quality, Capture, and Transformation into Value

Today, the digital age has unleashed a deluge of data. The volume, variety, and velocity of data are increasing at a pace that's hard to comprehend - doubling globally every four months. As companies grapple with this explosion across multiple marketing channels, the challenges of data capture, processing, and analysis have become an uphill battle.

Regrettably, a significant portion of marketing spend, from advertising to employee time, is wasted due to the poor quality of data. The inability of companies to directly map their spend or effort to revenue results in an immense economic inefficiency. We are living in an era where businesses are forced to rely on simple, directional KPIs like "Impressions," "Visits," or "Leads," which unfortunately carry 96-99% noise given an average 2% conversion rate.

Indeed, the quest to capture accurate company and market data, and to process and analyze that data for a game-changing competitive advantage, has long been both a torment and the holy grail for marketers since the dawn of the profession.

But what if we could change this? What if we had a tool that could navigate this data deluge, refine the noise, and unlock the hidden patterns that can transform businesses? That's precisely where Galileo steps in - a beacon of light in the vast ocean of data, designed to empower businesses to unlock their true potential. 

Galileo revolutionizes the way businesses comprehend and leverage data for outsized economic impact.