What new value does Galileo create?

Democratizing complete, quality data to create value for every business.

Galileo stands out because it unites company and market data in an unprecedented way. Leveraging proprietary technology and artificial intelligence, Galileo uncovers patterns of efficiency across all facets of marketing in real time. 

Before Galileo, access to comprehensive, industry-specific, and brand-tailored data was limited to a select few brands. Large corporations might have had in-house R&D and data science teams conducting custom analytics projects, exploring similar data pools. Fortune 500 companies might have been able to afford top-tier external consultancies to create custom, configurable datasets. Yet, even for these resource-rich brands, there wasn't a readily available product, only tailored services with their respective costs.

In contrast, Galileo is a game-changer. Building upon Arcalea's extensive experience with hundreds of projects, Galileo transforms custom processes into a standardized, accessible product. It democratizes data solutions, making them available to small and mid-market businesses across any industry.