What makes Galileo truly unique?


The first of Galileo's unparalleled features is the Quark Tracking Pixel™, a cookieless and API-independent tracking mechanism. Traditionally, many marketing platforms use third-party cookies or ad platform APIs - both of which present their own limitations and biases. In contrast, Galileo's method ensures privacy and provides an unbiased representation of customer journeys across various channels.

Furthermore, Galileo offers the unique ability to examine both individual and aggregated customer journey data. This means you gain dynamic views into detailed individual journeys as well as larger trends, outpacing the capabilities of commonly used platforms like Google Analytics.

One of the things I'm most excited about is Galileo's configurable dashboards. This means that every brand, regardless of industry, can customize its data sets across hundreds of dimensions. Instead of a one-size-fits-all solution, Galileo is genuinely aligned with your specific needs.

Moreover, Galileo's integrative capacity sets it apart. It can be combined with additional visualization tools and company CRMs, empowering you to harness your existing tools and deliver actionable intelligence throughout your organization.

And let's not forget Galileo’s unique approach to SEO. Our machine learning algorithms deconstruct the Google Search algorithm, quantifying the key ranking factors for a specific industry. This saves brands from having to rely solely on the generic known ranking factors.

In essence, Galileo stands at the intersection of marketing analytics, multi-touch attribution, industry analysis, and AI applications - bringing together the best of these fields into one comprehensive platform. Galileo doesn't just provide data; it offers complete, quality data that gives businesses the edge against the competition. 

Finally, imagine querying the data in a chat-based UI: “What channel provided the top revenue in the last six months?” or “What Facebook campaign had the highest ROI for the last two quarters?”

These are what make Galileo truly unique.