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What is the advantage of using machine learning (ML)?

Machine learning processes vast amounts of data in real time, identifying patterns, trends, and recommendations beyond the ability of an unaided analyst.

The Information Age, especially after widespread adoption of high-speed internet, creates volumes of data per hour that exceed human analysis. Without ML-assisted analysis, many current practices could not exist. Automated bidding and ad serving in advertising platforms, recommendations on e-commerce platforms, even ML-driven chatbots—none could exist without the speed and algorithm models trained to accomplish these practices.




For marketers, ML allows brands to offload complex tasks that normally consume resources that could be applied elsewhere.  By using ML to set advertising bids and ad serving parameters, brands can get high performance from campaigns without personnel dedicated to analyzing every possible configuration. Similarly, manually analyzing resulting datasets of customer attributes, actions, demographics to isolate insights could not be completed before the value of many insights expired.


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