What is included in the Management & Consulting scope?

Daily Strategic Management, Project Management, Reporting, & Team Communications

The monthly services scope includes the daily strategic management, project management, reporting, and communications with the team. This includes weekly check-ins, internal management, and all communications and reporting for the brand on a weekly and monthly basis.

This is a different line-item from any individual service and includes:

  • Day-to-day communication and email correspondence between Arcalea and client on behalf of internal departments and client team
  • Regular meeting cadence with client (depending on level of engagement)
  • Strategic consultation for all ongoing services and projects
  • Development of project briefs to define the scope and connections to goal, strategy, and tactical implementation
  • Management of projects and their respective completed tasks, timelines, deliverables, next steps, and progress
  • Auditing of work for overall strategy, adhering to brand guidelines, and providing creative solutions to client feedback, needs, and business objectives
  • Ongoing analysis and reporting on KPIs