What value does Galileo provide?

Benefits of real-time intelligence and comprehensive analytics.

Galileo benefits include:

  1. Multitouch Attribution (MTA) across all Channels: The Galileo platform provides unlimited attribution windows for all student touchpoints, capturing both online and offline conversion activities. It incorporates every dimension from any channel, regardless of the time frame, delivering an infinite lookback at your data. Crucially, it includes stages of application, where available, to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the customer journey.
  2. KPI Dashboard: For the first time in this industry, marketing teams are given a bird's-eye view of key performance indicators (KPIs). These include mean time to application (MttA), mean time to accepted applicant (MttAA), and mean touches to application (MttTA), among others. The dashboard also provides individual reporting on campaign-level performance such as the number of applications and accepted students segmented by channel, campaign, or keyword for organic searches. All data captured allows for both aggregate and line-item reporting.
  3. Customer Journey Analysis: Recognizing that audiences do not matriculate from a single visit, source, or interaction, Galileo analyzes every component of a customer journey in real time. It identifies the influences that have the greatest impact on final decisions. Over time, a unique "fingerprint" combination emerges, guiding administration teams to focus the majority of resources (ads, channels, creative content, calls, events, etc.) on activities directly leading to revenue.
  4. Quality Score Analysis: This feature ensures constant optimization and improvement by providing deep insights into the quality of your campaigns. With Galileo's Quality Score Analysis, teams can understand how their campaigns are performing and identify areas that need improvement.
  5. Content Analysis: This analysis tool within the Galileo platform helps to identify what type of content resonates best with your audience. By understanding what content performs well, teams can better tailor their strategies to engage their target market effectively.
  6. Advanced Descriptive/Predictive Analytics: Galileo offers powerful analytics capabilities. These advanced tools can predict future trends based on historical data, thereby allowing teams to make data-driven decisions and build effective strategies.
  7. Real-time Reporting: Galileo understands the value of real-time data. It provides teams with the latest insights, ensuring that you can make timely decisions based on up-to-date information.
  8. Best-in-class Database and Visualization: The platform offers robust database capabilities and advanced visualization tools. These allow for effective data management and clear, insightful presentation of complex data, which makes it easier for teams to draw meaningful conclusions.

  9. Search Ranking Factors Reporting: This tool helps to analyze and understand how your website ranks on search engines based on various factors. With this data, you can optimize your search engine performance, improving visibility and driving more traffic to your website.
  10. Share of Voice (SOV): Recognizing the importance of understanding your position in the market, Galileo includes an optional Share of Voice analysis. This feature enables organic teams to measure precise differences in data positioning between competitive cohorts. It does this based on factors such as keywords, domains, and volumes, thus providing a proxy for market share.