What are the milestones associated with Galileo implementation?

Galileo implementation is covered in six major milestones.

Please include milestones

  1. Code Implementation. Data Collector can be installed prior to client discovery to expedite data capture and quality, provided the website renders like most standard frameworks and works with client-side Google Tag Manager (GTM).
  2. Team Kickoff. Delivery of Intake questionnaire (via link) is completed and any questions are completed by the onboarding team. 
  3. Custom Configuration: Arcalea team uses intake info and data collected to optimize the configuration of Galileo, custom to each client requirements.
  4. Quality Assurance: For the first full month of tracking, Arcalea will monitor carefully, calibrating as needed to maximize accuracy and optimize reporting.
  5. Launch Review: After the first full month of data, Arcalea will present initial analyses from Galileo, including a review by our Data Science team. 
  6. Live: Customer is live after first four weeks of implementation and training.