What is Galileo?

Multi-touch + AI + Paid + Organic + Predictive Modeling + Open Ended Queries = Maximized Economic Efficiency

Galileo is the product of Arcalea's vision to empower businesses with an innovative combination of multi-touch attribution, AI-based market assessment, and AI-based predictive analytics - all driven by real-time, best-in-class visualizations. It is designed to give brands the upper hand in understanding customer journeys, market positioning, and insights into market share and analysis. Galileo is the first, and only, platform that combines company and market data, and utilizes the power of AI to detect patterns no human can see, to offer descriptive and predictive analytics. 

At the heart of Galileo lies cutting-edge technology: full-funnel, cross-channel marketing revenue attribution. It collects comprehensive customer journey data, juxtaposing that data with revenue attributed to distinct marketing elements. This information enables marketers to accurately identify high-performing assets and to reallocate resources for optimal ROI.

But that's not all. Galileo also gives you an assessment of a brand's industry Share of Voice (SOV), unveiling organic market share across the entire market. Interactive analytics deliver insights into ideal targets for brand growth.

One feature I'm particularly excited about is Galileo's Search Ranking Factors (SRF) analysis, which isolates factors contributing to organic rank. Through AI-powered processing of web data, Galileo quantifies what drives a first-page ranking, enabling businesses to implement precise SEO strategies for better visibility and customer acquisition.

Galileo combines these insights into a comprehensive view, gaining unprecedented insights into customer journeys, market positioning, and specific search ranking factors, leading to tailored brand-relevant intelligence. 

We believe Galileo is a game-changer, harnessing advanced technology and AI, Galileo uncovers patterns and opportunities competitors can't, maximizing revenue efficiency across all channels. Galileo - the definitive marketing activation platform for brands striving to reach new heights.