How do I use the Central Card?

Central Card: Layout and Basic Features


Welcome to the nucleus of the system: the Central card!

This card serves as a primary staging point for any analytic inquiries. Any of the data your system tracks can be queried from this area, in innumerable ways.

As you can see on the left, every channel is sorted by volume (either by traffic, or by leeds, depending on your default configuration. On the right, you'll see what are called "Quick Filters" which enable easy access to frequently used or high priority segmentation. By default, these are set to switch from Leed conversions to revenue conversions because most organizations are first interested in knowing exactly which elements correspond directly to revenue.

To demonstrate, if you're keen on highlighting revenue related conversions, simply use the quick filter switch.

What happens next is the entire data set morphs, in real time, showcasing only revenue related conversions.

Watch how traffic sources neatly segment into descending single and multiple touch points. It's a whole new perspective! Want to dig deeper into each channel?

This is where the system gets really powerful! Just select any channel with a simple click, and you'll encounter the detailed, line item data, revealing dozens of never before seen dimensions related to that lead or conversion.

For the first time, your team can see every touchpoint, every ad, content, landing page, conversion page, keyword or ad eye dee related to that conversion: all invaluable in sculpting future tactics and reallocating future working and non working dollars.

Previously unavailable intelligence in any number of dimensions are available for the first time, at your fingertips!

AND! You have the ability to filter by ANY of these dimensions with the user friendly filtering option.

Simply navigate to the top and hit the filter button, and you're presented with a world of options. With our unlimited look back window, you can filter by any date, for any available dimension: the possibilities are nearly endless!

To demonstrate, let’s say you want to see all sources related to any type of paid ad. Just type ads and hit apply.

Or perhaps we’d like to see all sources linked to organic leads. Repeat the same process. It's as simple as that!

From this single card, you can search and filter by an almost limitless array of dimensions. We give you the power to sift through your data and mine intelligence with surgical precision.

Welcome to your new Marketing Activation Platform, brought to you by Arcalea.