Why is organic traffic important?

Organic traffic provides higher volume traffic than paid channels, and is “owned” or “earned”; paid traffic will stop when paid advertising stops, but organic traffic is driven by the qualities of the site and continues if maintained.

Used in tandem with paid traffic, organic traffic reduces the cost of paid traffic. A high-ranking site with strong organic traffic will pay less for advertising than a lower-ranking site for the same keywords. While paid traffic has higher conversion rates, brands with paid strategies usually seek to increase organic flow to reduce the paid costs, and to seek synergies from paid and organic traffic targeting the same keyword set.  In addition, many Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques for increasing organic traffic, are also valuable for any visitor, paid or organic. For example, visitors from either channel gain from updated and engaging content, site speed, usability features such as sharing tools, clear internal linking, accurate and meaningful headers, and coherent navigation.


Paid and Organic Traffic SynergiesOrganicVSPaidChart-2

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