What type of data would you use for benchmarking efforts? Competition? Best in Class? How would you approach specific data/insights?

The Quantitative Market Analysis (QMA) is a proprietary analysis methodology which maps the entire competitive landscape.

Arcalea's approach is rooted in competitive benchmarking. As part of the engagement, an allocation is provided for an initial market assessment phase. The Quantitative Market Assessment (QMA) is part of our unique methodology and the first phase of any Arcalea relationship. The assessment establishes the brand’s relative competitive context across nearly two dozen categories and hundreds of dimensions. The QMA process is performed over 8-10 weeks and includes mapping every aspect of competitive digital dimensions. From web experience to social, customer journeys, share of voice, brand awareness, information architecture, advertising, drip and nurture campaigns, on-site communications, search and SEO strength, relative offers, advertising, value and benefits statements, etc. Arcalea will first work with the client team to determine the scope of the market assessment to ensure all competitive dimensions are captured.

The assessment result is thousands of data points that provide the map of relative brand positioning in the competitive universe. This final report provides industry-specific intelligence from which to inform campaign strategy and launch communication tactics.

(Due to the depth and proprietary nature of the QMA, an example report can be made available upon request.)