What the key metrics do you tend to measure for success? What KPIs do you measure?

We subscribe to the concept “they with the most information, typically win,” and success is driven by data, information capture, and insights.

Arcalea considers each step of a customer journey worthy of tracking and measuring, including impressions (and the quality of those impressions measured by clickthrough and bounce rates), user clicks, user engagement on-page, and user actions including email sign-ups, downloads, and form submissions. All of these elements contribute to a quantitative-based, analytical learning model that feeds intelligence back into the system and helps to paint a clearer picture of what success looks like for a particular brand, program, or product and their respective KPIs.

The metrics most critical in the daily analysis include clickthrough rate and conversion rate, however, it is also equally important to consider the incoming funnel with metrics such as total unique reach and total unique users.

KPIs which are commonly measured include major funnel metrics such as: Cost per Click (CPC), Cost per Lead (CPL), and Cost per Acquisition (CPA). However, wherever possible, Arcalea creates measurement opportunities and reports upon as many micro-conversions as technically possible (generally the only limiting factor is customer technical infrastructure) as often the biggest insights are gained from otherwise invisible bottlenecks or inefficiencies in the waterfalls between CPC, CPL, and CPA.

Additionally, wherever possible Arcalea defines additional metrics including ROMI, ROAS, and LTV.

Note: While metrics including “viewership” and “impressions” can also be provided and reported upon, our reporting tends to favor specific metrics more directly related to business objectives.