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What methods are used for personalization in digital marketing?

Personalization in digital marketing entails using prospect and customer attributes to segment groups and characterize individuals in order to tailor messaging and actions for marketing success.

Customer expectations of personalized brand interaction have grown over the last decade, as brands continue to find methods to add personalization during interactions.  Whether segmenting into groups or adjusting content and experiences at the personal level, digital marketing accesses abundant data to tailor marketing design and delivery.


SMsegmentation attributes

Segmenting prospect and customer (whether by demographic, behavioral, geographic or psychographic attributes) allows digital marketing to personalize messages and marketing activities by attributes or groups of attributes, and to increase sales and marketing performance.  While early personalization was limited to placing a prospect’s name at the top of a marketing message, today’s digital marketing can segment and personalize by a customer’s interest, product choices, occupation, geographical area, or even a recent download from a brand website.  Some marketing automation platforms use dynamic or conditional content, changing messages automatically based on attributes stored in a brand’s CRM or CDP.