What is the difference between Paid Media Management and Account Consulting?

Paid Media Management focuses on all components of the ad campaign(s), while Account Consulting refers to the wider strategic and tactical planning on overall brand solutions.

Ongoing Paid Media Management includes daily attention to all campaigns, integration with live dashboards, and access to Advertising-based Machine Learning (ML) with early beta access to programs for active campaign management. The first three months of an engagement are dedicated to tuning daily in order to carefully calibrate and rebuild campaigns. Ongoing tuning takes advantage of daily changes in market, competition, and efficacy. In this way, the methodology is unique in approach and delivery, and provides a competitive foundation upon which both success, and other services, rely.

Ongoing Monthly Consulting Management (Account Management) refers to the ongoing strategic planning and active management to continuously assess, provide insights, and tactical brand consultation, on behalf of agency internal departments and client team. This includes management of ongoing initiatives, overall strategy, and providing solutions to ongoing needs and business objectives. 

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