What is post-SEO monitoring?

After an SEO cycle, brands monitor known internal KPIs for site health, as well as external environmental factors impacting site KPIs.

Monitored KPIs and environmental scans provide an immediate gauge of the impact associated with recent SEO efforts and investments. Those measurements allow brands to determine whether a technical overhaul or large-scale content development strategy paid off in end-goals such as ranking, visibility, and increased quality organic traffic. Ongoing monitoring of KPIs includes movement of keyword ranking, increase of organic traffic, conversions, and user engagement metrics. Environmental scans and long-term environmental monitoring both look for competitor changes, and search engine algorithm updates, both of which would impact a brand’s internal KPIs.


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For ongoing KPI monitoring, most current analytics tools can automate scheduled reports from multiple sources to highlight any KPI movement and alert site owners when change falls outside of a defined safe range.


For environmental monitoring, ongoing scans of the competitive environment will identify changes most likely to impact the brand’s current health as well as their roadmap. Critical changes include keyword ranking movement, added or modified keywords, and backlink changes.  Some changes are monitored for opportunities the brand can seize to enhance its own position.


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