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What is Arcalea's cost and approach methodology?

This depends on many factors, is extremely flexible, build on best-in-class and proprietary methodologies, and adapts to context.

The allocation for any client is entirely dependent on many existing factors. The considerations may contain a varied media mix, range, variance, and weight of communications channels. Depending on market conditions, competition, and context, some, if not all categories may shift as we continuously adapt to a fluid and changing environment.

Any budget includes several key areas of differentiation, including the Quantitative Market Assessment (QMA) which yields initial critical benchmarking data and competitive insights, custom Machine Learning Analysis (ORC) which provides exact recommendations for page and content improvement (for both Paid Media and SEO) and custom application management for Advertising which increases efficacy and opportunities for rapid incremental changes.

As tactics, markets, needs, or other factors change, our approach is flexible and the budget can be scaled accordingly.

Arcalea services, including media management fee and monthly management consulting, are scoped according to historical engagement estimates and best practices, breadth, and depth of projected ongoing member contribution.