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What are the core elements to an effective media campaign?  

Business goals, strategy, audience, tactics.

Efficacy in any campaign begins with planning and understanding the context, competition, customers (or audience), and collaborators involved in the ecosystem. This means diagramming each target audience, contextually, competitively before addressing campaigns. The campaign then maps how the brand will communicate fulfilling target audience needs at each phase of the journey.

Core elements include (but may not be limited to):
- Identification of primary business goals and strategy alignment by market segment
- Identification of key program requirements, timing, and milestones
- Assessment of the competitive market context across all dimensions (Quantitative Market Assessment)
- Buyer persona analysis and identification using audience attributes and characteristics
- Media mix planning by calendar, segment, and budget
- Proper geo-targeting setup using historical data and demography
- Ideal configuration of search (keywords, remarketing/retargeting) and display (topics, AI, remarketing/retargeting, and lookalike audiences using behavioral patterns of previously converting users) campaigns
- Messaging integration which includes value and benefits statements, key differentiation, RTBs, and CTAs with testing and control schedules
- Proper goal tracking which informs both the AI for optimization and lookalike audiences
- Thorough user tracking setup for remarketing audience construction
- Initiation of email and supporting nurturing campaigns
- Maximum use of advanced ad features, especially those not necessarily available to competitors, such as special whitelist programs from Google on Search and Display Networks.
- Agile analysis, reporting, and adjustment