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What are general assumptions about service level agreements (timing and availability?)

Communication is our highest priority. All SLAs are determined by the customer, however standard is 4 business hour response time to all inquiries.

Communication is the key to any relationship. Arcalea will work directly with the brand team to create a service level agreement (SLA) to set expectations and ensure accountability. Arcalea’s typical SLAs outline the format, duration, and frequency for formal reporting (monthly and ongoing) and check-in meetings. For example, Arcalea may recommend one-hour, monthly meetings (via Zoom or similar) during which goals, opportunities, progress, and reporting are discussed. We may also recommend bi-weekly half-hour check-in calls for more incremental updates.

Within typical SLAs, Arcalea agrees to acknowledge all emails received during the business day within four hours of receipt. Arcalea’s SLA will also establish points of contact, preferred method(s) of contact, and timing by which deliverables (reports, updates, agendas, etc.) will be provided and can be updated to facilitate brand goals and expectations.