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How does your planning & execution work? What is the process?

Planning and execution use formal GSTIC and ADPLAN frameworks.

Arcalea works with the client throughout the engagement to identify brand goals and strategies to develop the requisite plan required to facilitate primary business goals. Then the Arcalea team works to build a plan to achieve those goals. Arcalea utilizes the Kellogg GSTIC Framework for evaluating marketing initiatives from a business perspective. Advertising may also be facilitated by utilizing the ADPLAN framework to formulate and evaluate advertising communications.


Each engagement or campaign is marked by an internal kickoff complete with primary stakeholder interviews, project management allocation, customer-facing, and internal campaign meetings, with regular departmental meetings, to discuss progress and key performance indicators (KPIs), outlining appropriate project milestones and allocating resources required to achieve each.

Internally, the team meets weekly to discuss progress and feedback, and provide recommendations to the accounts team to facilitate a continuous process of testing, experimentation, and learning, in order to maximize progress and results.

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