How does the Arcalea team service client business?

Interdisciplinary teams work together to maximize impact.

Arcalea used to have the same titles as traditional agencies (current consultant titles are direct descendants). However, in 2018 Arcalea changed infrastructure to reflect the hybrid nature of the new market and provide the flexibility to operate in both spaces: agency (top of funnel) and consulting (mid to down-funnel). 
Paid media today has become largely commoditized. The greatest value creation is the integration of internal data enhancing top-of-funnel targeting (consider the example of tuning media spend A.I. to produce 100 top-of-funnel leads, vs tuning the same A.I. to a single  conversion - signal vs noise tuning increases efficacy by 99%).
To the point of how our team members work together, Arcalea teams function as one unit and are in constant communication. The Senior Consultant and Consulting Supervisor communicate daily with the Director of Advertising and the Data Product Manager to discuss progress on each account, updates, objectives, etc. The Senior Consultant also tactically keeps up to date daily on progress and specific metrics, preparation for account meetings, and reporting. Each team member moves together each week to ensure continuous communication and alignment. 
To reflect the lineage from the agency world, the roles directly map: the Consultant title is analogous to the Account Manager title, as is Senior Consultant to the Senior Account Manager, Consulting Supervisor to Account Supervisor, and so on (and we follow the 4A’s standard for each job description and requirements). The core difference is that our roles have added training requirements, technical capability, and responsibilities. 
The goal of this shift is to raise the bar for each client interaction, with the intent to enable a smarter business and tactical dialog at each point of connection, accelerating progress.