How does internal data and infrastructure enrichment provide competitive advantage? 

Arcalea works with every customer to determine maximization opportunities.

Enhancing current infrastructure and enrichment through additional third-party data naturally provides opportunities to increase competitive advantages. Arcalea works with our clients to evaluate what platforms, processes, and data are available to see how existing systems can be leveraged as a launching point to build infrastructure and increase data through additional enrichment opportunities. 

For example, utilization of Google's AI is common in all of advertising today. However utilization of Google to produce more "Leads" will result in just that: more Leads. By utilizing infrastructure to more accurately tune advertising spend to focus instead on "Conversions" will instead train algorithms to adjust targeting to a more specific subset of the audience population. 

Optimize by Lead

In a common example, assuming a 1% conversion rate and training AI to Leads, maintains noise in targeting to 99% and relies on infrastructure and mid-funnel tactics to increase conversions. However, if internal data is used to actively enhance targeting AI, when AI is tuned to "Conversions" instead of "Leads", 99% of noise is filtered. 

Optimized to Conversion

This underscores a few crucial points. First, the use of AI is ubiquitous and should not be considered a differentiation. The use of AI, and the utilization or integration of internal data should instead be considered. Secondly, the use of internal data and integration of continuously progressive information, blended with targeting and mid-funnel increases to conversion rates, should all be leveraged in concert for maximum ROI and ROMI