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How does Arcalea use data to approach media planning and refine delivery/performance? What is Arcalea's approach to aligning spend with opportunity forecasting?

Data analysis combined with custom management platforms provide 10-100x the customization as other providers.

Arcalea analyzes all available data to start. Before launch, the team begins by understanding previous program efficacy and areas of opportunity. Next, data for initial allocations among ad platforms, ad formats, and targeting types are used to define the starting point and KPIs. Ongoing analysis of audiences, the performance by platform, ad format, other targeting settings, and segments of performance are used to tune and adjust these allocations while continuing to adjust spend and configuration. Enrichment and integration with third-parties also provide opportunities for targeting enhancements.

This process is designed to optimize spend, by focusing budget allocations on the ad platforms, campaigns, and ad formats based on goals, platform features, and campaign outcomes. Spend is aligned with opportunity and forecasting prior to launch and refined with tuning during reviews on a near-daily basis throughout the lifetime of the campaigns.

Arcalea has its own intellectual property and custom IP programming that exists as an additional layer above standard management capability and provides an ability to manage at a granular level far beyond the competition. Because of this, we are able to take advantage of temporal opportunities competitors cannot. In some current campaigns, CPA may shift on an hourly or daily basis, and we are able to dynamically weight spend earlier in a given cycle in order to capitalize on these shifts. This customization provides opportunities for more frequent tuning, and experience shows that frequent tuning is a decided advantage over many agencies which tune weekly or even monthly.