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How does Arcalea ensure to maximize media budgets?

Our proprietary platform customization and continuous cost/return analysis.

Arcalea will work to ensure media budgets are maximized by identifying (and regularly calibrating) the best platforms, ad formats, ad versions, and configuration combinations based on continuous cost/return analysis. Budgets are measured continuously against various return on investment metrics to evaluate efficacy and ensure CPA aligns with targets and controls.

The highest volume advertising cost for many types of campaigns is generally priced according to configuration (Quality Score, etc.) over a more traditional negotiated media rate. In addition, using custom applications, spend is managed (to control within budget limits) even where the platforms themselves do not have fixed campaign budgets. Example: Arcalea's Google Ads scripts manage spend with hourly checks, allowing for maximum spend without going over budget (or within a set % overage limit). This is an Arcalea-unique application that exists as a layer above standard advertising platforms and increases efficiencies above normal platform restrictions.