How does Arcalea approach learning, testing, and optimization?

Markets continuously change. Continuous testing is performed to find the highest yield/ROI.

Markets, competition, and context are continuously changing. Arcalea has found that constant testing and near-daily tuning to campaigns is the most effective way to ensure success maximization. After the initial allocation among ad platforms, ad formats, and targeting configurations, testing is continuously used to optimize between various sets of ad copy/design for each ad platform and ad format. This testing includes Arcalea/brand-designed testing, as well ML/AI platform experimentation. In addition to testing inside each ad platform, continuous tuning is performed across platforms to find the best yield/ROI.

Similarly, in any engagement, Arcalea takes great care to share learning opportunities and strategic and tactical recommendations with the client to consider for future implementation. At set intervals during any engagement, the team reports learnings and asks for input from the team for any major changes to the campaigns that these learnings may prompt.