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Teams rotate occasionally to provide new opportunities to talent; how does Arcalea manage this and provide consistency to clients?

Arcalea teams a Primary and Supervisory consultant on each account.

It is Arcalea’s goal to staff each engagement in a way that drives the most consistent client experience and efficacy throughout the relationship. If awarded, the engagement will include two points of contact: the main point of contact, accompanied by an account supervisor. Other team members will also support the account and will be aware of the goals, challenges, and associated deliverables of the campaign throughout the engagement. In addition, Arcalea provides cross-training and shadow opportunities for various team members to increase the number of resources familiar with the account and serves to mitigate any effect of any single personnel change. Established Arcalea processes include detailed project management with account history, conference reports, and internal planning sessions also provide integral documentation for account consistency in records keeping.