How do you go about structuring your planning & administrative fees?

Most services are hourly, according to level of resource required, with Paid Media as a percentage of media spend.

For most services, Arcalea bills hourly for services, according to the required level of resource (LOR). Arcalea's media services management is typically billed as a percentage of media spend, is listed separately on the proposal or SOW, and scaled based upon total volume. Similar to Machine Learning in SEO, Arcalea's Advertising Management is differentiated in frequency and methodology by Arcalea's proprietary management platform, which creates disproportionately greater value over market service providers.

Each engagement is accompanied by a scope of work that plans each seat and level of engagement, with services ranging from $150-$350/hr, depending on the level of resource required. Once approved, services and media spend are billed monthly in advance for the subsequent month. 

In many instances, clients elect to increase services over time. In this instance, either a new scope is provided, or for smaller projects and incremental work outside of initial scope, work is provided ad-hoc at an hourly rate. This can be covered by a Moves Adds Changes (MAC) scope, generally with a monthly allocation provided, to expedite smaller additions in real-time and always with approval from the client in advance.

Our philosophy, in general, is represented in our core values: "We Lead, We Deliver, We Grow, Together," and follows the under-promise, over-deliver approach.