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How do paid media engagements work?

Arcalea first targets intent-based audiences, builds datasets, captures audiences, and then expands using gleaned intelligence.

By targeting intent-based audiences who are conducting contextually-related searches, Arcalea begins to build datasets, capture audiences, and expand campaigns through advanced analytics.

Arcalea utilizes a different methodology than others in the space, building a custom platform which continuously analyzes opportunities in real-time (vs monthly evaluation as most large advertisers and DSPs offer). Combining Machine Learning (ML) with early access to many Paid Media beta programs, and award-winning experience in Advertising, Arcalea spends the first three months in daily tuning and review in order to carefully calibrate and rebuild campaigns.

Then, unlike the standard monthly tuning, Arcalea tunes campaigns and components ongoing to take advantage of daily changes in market, competition, and efficacy. In this way, our methodology is unique in approach and delivery, and provides a competitive foundation upon which other services rely. 

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