How are agency transitions typically conducted?

Our process typically takes 1-3 weeks, depending on complexity and depth, and is represented in our Account Transition Plan.

We recognize that the transition from existing to a new provider is an exciting, multifaceted process. We approach agency transitions in a collaborative, efficient manner with initial guidance and an introduction provided by the brand team. Every effort is made to minimize costs to the brand in terms of time and other resources. The transition typically occurs in three phases: 1) Stakeholder Interviews, 2) Account Transition Plan which is accompanied by data collection, and 3) Onboarding, analysis, goal setting. The entire transition process occurs over a period of 2-4 weeks.

Phase one, or stakeholder interviews, is the initial step of the process which occurs concurrently with other phases. Stakeholder interviews are a dialogue between Arcalea team members and key brand team members. If feasible, we also seek to interview key people from the current agency partner. In addition to establishing key relationships, the purpose is to gain an initial understanding of the brand’s unique strengths and to identify key development areas. Most interviews last approximately one hour, while the interview phase typically takes 2-4 weeks based on scheduling and availability.

Phase two is a time of active data collection, accompanied by the Account Transition Plan which is utilized by the Arcalea team and includes a few platforms as a starting point. While each transition is different and customized for the client, the approach is simple, and the timeline is typically 2-3 business days. This is meant to be a collaborative effort between the former partner, the brand, and Arcalea.

Each plan is unique to the client in terms of core historical context deliverables and data, platform access, and all available information. During the transition, Arcalea, the client team, and the former partner schedule a 30-minute call to review the overall plan components. This call includes discussing the listed platforms, any nuances, additional information that needs to be shared, and timing. Arcalea updates the Account Transition Plan sheet accordingly as a follow-up. Starting the same day or next day (dependent on former partner), the former partner begins providing platform access to Arcalea and completes within 24 hours. If there are challenges, an email thread is started by the former partner and sent to the client team and Arcalea for assistance or discussion. As access is received, Arcalea accepts access and updates the Account Transition Plan sheet accordingly.

If additional action items are needed in order to gain access, Arcalea updates the Notes column accordingly and communicates those needs to the former partner and client team. The next business day, Arcalea reviews the Account Transition Plan for outstanding access still pending and follows up with the former partner on timing. The former partner is to respond within 4 business hours confirming the next steps on all outstanding items and when the items will be completed by. Once all access points are received, Arcalea removes the former partner's access and completes the Account Transition Plan sheet by updating notes and documenting the last items. Please note, it is possible for this data collection phase to be condensed to 1-2 business days, (and may expand as necessary) and is dependent on the former partner.

Once platform access is secured, the third transition phase of onboarding begins, which includes deep analysis from Arcalea’s team and goal-setting conversations with the brand team. This third phase is accompanied by processes including an intake form, goal setting discussion, and formal kickoff meeting.