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Do you work with clients to amplify thought leadership? Can you provide an example?

Thought leadership can successfully be used in combination with various other tactics.

Arcalea has assisted various clients to amplify thought leadership while increasing brand awareness and visibility. First, consideration of the strategy and goal of the initiative is reviewed to consider communications tactics. Thought leadership amplification, at times, solves a unique (and somewhat different) business challenge of increasing brand perception and/or awareness, depending on how it is utilized in combination with other measures. Ultimately the decision should be evaluated against the goals and opportunity cost of other tactics and must be viewed in the larger context of “what challenge does this address?” and “how will this be measured?” to ensure alignment.

An example where Arcalea employed this same approach is with a healthcare client seeking to establish the brand as a thought-leader while also increasing conversions for several different target audiences, simultaneously.

Our team first analyzed the market to identify the various challenges faced by the brand and prioritize initiatives against the primary goal, and effective time horizons. At the time, there was no clear market leader in this particular niche, and the rationale was that establishing thought-leadership positioning in the market would serve to provide a keystone upon which to establish premium positioning, while simultaneously increasing top-of-funnel opportunities and connecting with target audiences.

In addition, as a result of the market assessment (Arcalea’s Quantitative Marketing Assessment) Organic Search, Content Marketing, and Paid Media were all also employed simultaneously. The results of coupling paid and organic efforts with thought leadership and nutritional campaigns, helped increase contextual brand awareness and traffic by over 300%, which also increased goal conversions by over 500%, increasing top-line growth and boosting the client to market leadership positioning (by share and revenue) in the industry.