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Do you ever partner with your clients’ media relations teams on integrated earned/owned campaigns?

Arcalea partners with client's media relations in many ways for increased benefits.

Certainly a discussion for cooperation between media relations and advertising, the first consideration is how we can maximize the opportunity, as this channel may be a natural placement for an op-ed to amplify the thought leadership, (and at times a required defensive tactic) this would be utilized for both initial targeting/entry into the funnel and for re-marketing.

As the digital subscription market has become more complex with increased fragmentation, the relative cost (and value) of some “closed” networks can become increasingly opaque.

Success includes reviewing competitive intelligence from the QMA and working with the media relations teams to assess the partner channel data, and strategize both the display opportunity, and the opportunities for additional journey integration/insertion, and attribution modeling for post-campaign learning and future benchmarking.